Location change Dec. 7, 2019

Sorry for the late notice, but we have moved the location of our December 7 dance to Providence Community Center, 3001 Vaden Drive in Fairfax. Lincolnia had a HVAC problem and had to cancel activities for the weekend. We will be upstairs at Providence. Providence Community center is just south of the Vienna Metrorail station/I-66, … Read More

National FastDance Association Events

The National FastDance Association Newsletter lists multi-day dance events across the country in its calendar. Here are a couple of upcoming events in our area. DC Swing Experience 2019 NOVEMBER 14-18 Hyatt Regency Dulles Herndon, VA Contact: Dave Moldover Tel: (301) 330-7708 Web: dcswingexperience.com Int’l Lindy Hop Championships 2019 NOVEMBER 29-DECEMBER 3 Crystal Gateway Marriott … Read More

NVCWDA in 2009 and 1999

Each year as NVCWDA’s anniversary dance approaches, I wonder what we were doing 10 or 20 years ago. In September 2009, the officers were: President – Charlie Pierce VP – Bo Marlin Secretary – Joyce Leamon Treasurer – Donna Dennis We were dancing at Luther Jackson Middle School twice a month on the first and … Read More

Dancing Cockatoo

Cute article about Snowball, the dancing cockatoo. He can keep to the beat and has as many as 14 dance moves, including the head-bang, down-shake, swing-down, and foot-lift-swing-down among others. This is more than some of our human comrades can claim. Love the head-bang move.

Dancing at Reston Station June 21 – Recap

The evening was perfect for dancing outside, with comfortable temperatures and low humidity. Many familiar faces from NVCWDA attended the event as did a number of enthusiastic members of the general public. The Scott Kurt & Memphis 59 band played their first set from 7 p.m. until about 7:45. During their break, Linda Bloyer taught … Read More

Dancing at Reston Station

On Friday June 21 and on Friday July 12, Linda Bloyer will be teaching a few easy and free lessons at Reston Station, on the plaza above the Wiehle-Reston East Metrorail stop. The events are part of the Summerbration Concert series staged in partnership with Reston Community Center. Both events are free and open to … Read More

Board for 2019-2020 elected

At our dance on May 18, we elected the people who will serve on the NVCWDA board of directors for 2019-2020. The new board will take office at the dance on June 1. We still have an open position for the At Large member, who oversees the refreshments at the dances. Until this last position … Read More

Election Appeal 2019

Here’s some information about our upcoming election on May 18. NVCWDA is a non-profit corporation registered in Virginia. Each year we ask for volunteers to serve on our Board of Directors so that we can continue to stage our dances twice a month. Follow the link to see a nifty little demo about what NVCWDA … Read More

Lesson change 4/20/2019

Karen and Marty will teach basic Two Step on 4/20/2019. This is your chance to learn a fundamental country-western lead and follow partners dance. Bernie was scheduled to teach waltz moves, but he had to cancel. Thanks to Karen and Marty for stepping in on short notice.

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