January 19, 2019 Dance at AUUC

After resting up after New Year’s Eve, we’ll have our first regular dance of the year on Saturday, January 19 at AUUC. We’ll start with lessons at 6:00; open dancing 7-9:30 p.m. Kathy will play the music. Linda and Rich will teach a couples lesson on El Paso Stroll. Bernard will teach a line dance … Read More

NVCWDA 2019 Lessons Being Announced

Dance Director Linda has been busy scheduling lessons for the dances for the first few months of 2019 and we are posting them on the events calendar. If you would like to teach a dance you like, please let us know.

Reminder about NVCWDA’s weather emergency policy

As we head into winter, here’s a reminder about NVCWDA’s weather/emergency closure policy: We follow that of Fairfax County Government offices (Neighborhood and Community Services). If NCS facilities are closed on Saturday evening, our dance will be cancelled. (We no longer follow what Fairfax County Public Schools do.)    

No Dance January 5, 2019

Reminder, as is our tradition, we are not having a dance on the first Saturday in January (January 5) because the date is so soon after our New Year’s Eve Dance. The first dance of 2019 will be January 19 at Accotink Unitarian Universalist Church, starting at 6:00 p.m. (Lincolnia is closed that weekend for … Read More

New Year’s Eve Dance

We hope you’ll be joining us on New Year’s Eve. We’ll start the evening with a potluck dinner. Then we’ll dance until midnight to tunes played by Kat Fanelli. Something new this year – record memories of you and your friends having fun. We’re going to have a photo booth to capture the moment(s) you … Read More

Marlins Tennessee Waltz 11172018

Bo and Ann Marlin taught Tennessee Waltz for couples on Saturday November 17. Unlike most of our waltz dances, this one does not progress in line of dance. It is more like a 4-wall waltz line dance. As such, the dance also can be done as a single. Bo and Ann have supported NVCWDA for … Read More

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