Board of Directors

NVCWDA Board of Officers and Directors 2018-2019 NVCWDA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation governed by a Board of Officers and Directors elected by the members of NVCWDA. Board assistants are volunteers who help with important activities who are not elected.

All Board members and Board Assistants must be members of NVCWDA. They get free admission to our regular dances. They are expected to attend six Board meetings, which are held every other month and last about an hour and a half. Once a quarter, Board members submit material for the NVCWDA newsletter. Board members, except for the Director at Large who is busy monitoring refreshments, are also expected to do door duty at the dances on a rotational basis. If you would like further information on the official position descriptions or if you have any comments or suggestions, please email us at or speak to any of the current Board members at one of the dances. We always are looking for volunteers to serve on the Board and your involvement in any capacity will be greatly appreciated.

Our Board of Directors is elected at a dance, usually in May. The new board takes over in June. The term is one year.

Board members are the primary points of contact for dancers. Feel free to contact them.

Our Board of Directors for 2018-2019:


President: Gary Campbell
Vice-President: Wayne Herndon
Secretary: Jeff Vogelman
Treasurer: Bernard Ferret


Dance: Linda Bloyer
Communications: Lydia Vitale
Membership: Bernie Vitale
Planning: Bruce Wright
At Large: Linda Buckle
Special Events: Rosa Marino

(L to R in featured photo above): 2018-2019 Board members Bernard, Linda Buckle, Linda Bloyer, Bruce, Gary, Bernie, Lydia, and Jeff. Not pictured: Wayne, Rosa.

Board of Directors Documents

Brief Position Descriptions for the NVCWDA Officers


Responsible for the overall supervision of NVCWDA. The President calls and presides at meetings, appoints committees, and reports to the membership. The President sees that we follow the NVCWDA Constitution, Bylaws, and Rules of Order and serves as the primary contact for other country western dance groups and associations.

Vice President

Fills in for the President when necessary and compiles the desk duty schedule.


Primary duty is to record the minutes of all meetings and to maintain the official records of NVCWDA. The Secretary is third in line of succession after the President and VP.


Responsible for paying NVCWDA bills, maintaining bookkeeping records, submitting required forms when due, updating liability insurance, and informing the Board about the Association’s financial activities and status. The Treasurer also picks up NVCWDA mail at the Merrifield Post Office once a week and directs it to the appropriate Board member.

Brief Position Descriptions for the NVCWDA Directors

Planning Director

Main duty is to secure dance venues for NVCWDA events. This includes compiling possible locations and visiting the sites, preparing agreements with the venues, and acting as the point of contact with their representatives.

Membership Director

Maintains the NVCWDA membership database, which includes entering new members and renewals and sending renewal and expiration notices. The Membership Director keeps the Board informed about trends in member numbers.

Communications Director

Oversees the production of the NVCWDA quarterly newsletter and coordinates with the NVCWDA hotline mistress, webmaster, and Facebook administrator. The Communications Director also submits notices about dances to local news outlets.

Dance Director

Manages the DJ contracts and schedules, arranges instructors for dance lessons, fields questions and problems at dances, monitors dance floor etiquette, and acts as liaison between dancers and DJs. Oversees NVCWDA dance team.

Director at Large

Coordinates with volunteers to provide refreshments and decorations for dances.

Special Events

Coordinates with volunteers to provide refreshments and decorations for special event dances. (These refreshments and decorations are in addition to the regular decorations and refreshments coordinated by the Director at Large.) We have several special event dances during the year. The biggest is the New Year’s Eve Dance. Others are the Anniversary Dance and the Benefit Dance.

Brief Position Descriptions for the NVCWDA Board Assistants


Posts information about every NVCWDA dance. Updates content on special events, news, contacts, dance team, emergencies, etc. as needed. Posts NVCWDA newsletter and stepsheets and/or videos for dances taught. Maintains NVCWDA online calendar of events. Manages email accounts. Administers domain names, whois contact information, and web hosting.

Facebook Administrator

Posts information about every NVCWDA dance. Updates content on special events, news, contacts, emergencies, etc. as needed. Posts photos and videos for dances taught, performances, etc. Notifies people when NVCWDA newsletter is available.