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Dance Association

Which dances do we do?

Two Step
Cha Cha
Nightclub Two Step
El Paso
Tennessee Schottishe
The Sway
West Coast Swing
Line Dances

Dances taught recently

These are some of the lessons we've taught at NVCWDA lately. Step sheets are available for some of the dances...

--Footprints on the Water LD
-Six Pack Summer couples
--Stitch It Up LD
-Come Dance with Me LD
-Stand by Me Cha LD
-Champagne Promise LD
-Alligator Shuffle couples
-Cinco De Mayo LD
-Double Down Two Step LD
-Gypsy Queen LD
-Double Shot of Crown LD
-Best Friends Waltz
-Come Dance with Me LD
-Twenty-two Step
-Tell the World LD
-It Ain't My Fault LD

-11:59 LD
-Dirty Boots LD
-Two Step moves
-Toes LD
-Drunk Lovers couples
-Gypsy Queen LD
-The Wanderer couples
-San Antonio Stroll
-Stone in my Pocket LD
-Something Fine couples
-Lonely Drum LD
-It Ain't My Fault LD
-Over the Moon LD
-Alligator Shuffle couples
-Until the Dawn LD
-The Wanderer couples
-Drunk Lovers couples
-Six Pack Summer couples
-San Antonio Stroll LD
-Reggae Cowboy couples
-Escapate LD
-Gin & Tonic LD
-Something Fine couples
-Head Over Boots couples
-A Country High LD
-McGraw Stroll couples
-Southside Shake LD
-Funky Cha Cha LD
-Head Over Boots couples
-Beer for my Horses LD
-Blue Rose couples
-Sidekick couples
-Never Ever LD
-Lover Please Come Back couples
-Forever Green LD
-Stealing the Best LD
-Irish Stew LD
-Easy Love LD
-Head Over Boots couples
-A Country High LD
-Nightclub Two Step
-Blue Ain't Your Color LD
-Butterfly Waltz
-Cowboy Charleston LD
-Charleston Bump couples

**Past lessons**


  • Members NVCWDA: $10.00
  • Non-members: $12.00
  • Children under 18, with paying adult: $5.00
  • Regular admission rates listed above do not apply to Benefit Dance or New Year's Eve Dance


Dance schedules


Lincolnia Senior Center

Accotink Unitarian Universalist Church

Green Acres Center

Salvation Army Fairfax Corps

Church of the Good Shepherd

Hollin Hall Senior Center

Dancers Dancers

Inclement Weather Policy

Our weather closure policy follows that of Fairfax County government offices (Neighborhood and Community Services). See the FAQ.

Dance Info



We usually hold dances on the first and third Saturdays of the month as listed on the Calendar.

Here's what to expect at a typical dance...

Doors open at about 5:30 p.m. at Lincolnia. (Other venues could have a different start/end times.) A NVCWDA representative will be on hand taking admission at the door. You'll get a ticket for our door prize drawing, which is held midway through the dance. Dance lessons at Lincolnia are scheduled for 6:00 until 7:00 p.m. (Times may change for different venues.) We try to have both a line dance lesson and a couples dance lesson.


Our instructors are volunteers. Some are award-winning dance competitors. We have 3-4 regular DJs. The DJ usually has a request sheet so that people can ask for their favorite dances or songs.

At 7:00 p.m., open dancing begins. Usually the DJ will call which dance is appropriate for each song, for example, a two-step, waltz, or certain line dance. Even if a couples dance is called, people still can line dance in the middle of the floor. The opposite is true also - if a line dance is called, people can still dance around the outside of the floor. Sometimes we'll have several line dances and couples dances going on at one time. As long as everyone observes dance floor etiquette, we can accommodate more than one dance to the same song.

About halfway into the dance, we turn up the lights and the NVCWDA President makes announcements. We draw a door prize winner and then go back to open dancing. Sometimes we resume with a mixer dance in which everyone changes partners at set sequences.

We usually provide ice. Feel free to contribute food or drinks - they will be enjoyed by fellow dancers.

The dance ends at 9:30 p.m. at Lincolnia. Volunteers clean up, and we go home to rest our weary feet.

Hints for Newcomers

We've put together a Primer for Newcomers to help you get started at our dances.