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Dance Association


Dance Resources

The links provided here are some sources of information about country-western dancing or dancing in general.

Friends of Country Dance - Comprehensive list and calendar of what's happening in the area

Fairfax, Va. Singles Dance - List of various dance lessons and events

National Fast Dance Association - Provides licensing for ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC.

Looking for Lessons?

NVCWDA offers brief lessons at the beginning of each dance, usually one line dance (half hour) and one couples dance (half hour).

Some NVCWDA members offer lessons as part of community programs. Check with the organizer about registration, fees, and so forth.

The calendar on Friends of Country Dance lists lessons.

Fredericksburg Country Dance - offers line dance lessons

Many other dance places and clubs offer lessons as do some of the dance studios in the area.

Local clubs offering lessons - Check with each venue to confirm.

Looking for More Places to Dance?

The calendar on Friends of Country Dance lists many places to dance.

Country by the Bay

Mal and Linda Zerden - Country/Swing at Crown Studio

Dean and Dawn Garrish - Country Swing Mix

Colvin Run - Various dances include C/W among other dance types

Fredericksburg Country Dance

Two Step Tidewater

DeniDanzco - Swing, country, salsa and more

Local clubs offering dancing - Check with each venue to confirm.

Step Sheets and Dance Demos

Step sheets for dances taught at NVCWDA dances:

Kickit step sheets

Copper Knob step sheets

Mishnockbarn Youtube - Partner dances

Line Dance Dallas Youtube - Line dances

Alan and Sonia's Dance Site - Partner and line dances


Videos of NVCWDA dance team performances are on the dance team page.

We've taped a few of the NVCWDA lessons and performances a couple of years ago and the clips are available for download from MediaFire if you missed the lesson, or if you want a quick review.

February 5 dance - Advanced Beginner West Coast Swing taught by Scotty and Lynne Inman

December 4 dance -

November 20 dance -

September 18 dance - The videos are at The four videos are:

August 21 dance - Cliff and Donna Carlton taught intermediate waltz moves. Three short instructional videos are available for download at