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January - March 2018 Newsletter Available

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Dance Venues for Early 2018

Most of our regular dances are scheduled at Lincolnia in Alexandria. Lincolnia is closed for the weekend if a Federal holiday falls on the Friday before or the Monday after. We will be at Accotink Unitarian Universalist Church in Burke on those dates.

Note: DJs subject to change.

Date Venue Lessons Open DancingDJNotes
January 20 Lincolnia6:00-7:00 p.m. 7:00-9:30 p.m.Fanelli
February 3 Lincolnia 6:00-7:00 p.m. 7:00-9:30 p.m.Vitales
February 17 Accotink UU Church 6:30-7:30 p.m. 7:30-10:00 p.m.MahanNote later times.
March 3 Lincolnia 6:00-7:00 p.m. 7:00-9:30 p.m.Handy

The ballroom at Lincolnia Senior Center, 4710 N. Chambliss St., Alexandria, VA has been remodeled.

Entrance D4 at Lincolnia. Our first dance at Lincolnia.
door d4 dancers

Dance Team News

The dance team leaders are planning our 2018 season.

Our last few performances for 2017 were October 28 at Sunrise of Fair Oaks and November 4 at Hermitage.

The line dance group performed at Celebrate Fairfax! on June 10 on the Fairfax Corner Community Stage. This was quite a contrast from the freezing cold day of the line dance team's first performance in 2017, which was January 7 at the NBC4 Health Expo in DC. On July 8, they performed at Vinson Hall in McLean.

The couples team debuted on June 25, 2017 at Paul Springs Retirement Community in Alexandria. The teams had a joint performance in Dumfries on July 29 at Four Seasons Historic Virginia to celebrate National Dance Day. The teams also performed together at the 4H Fair in Herndon on August 6. Both line and couples dancers were at Fall for Fairfax on September 30.

Couples team

Upcoming performances are shown on the dance team calendar.

NVCWDA's line dance demo group coordinated by Kathy Fanelli premiered at Celebrate Fairfax on June 11, 2016. The group performed 7 line dances on the Fairfax Corner Community Stage.

LD team

NVCWDA's line dance group performed again at the 4H Fair and Carnival on August 6. The crowd liked our fast paced rendition of Mambo Shuffle. We invited the audience to join us on stage for a quick Rock this Party line dance lesson taught by Kathy. Several brave folks climbed up and joined in the fun.

The line dance team's third performance was at the Hermitage in Alexandria.

The last performance of 2016 for the line dance team was October 1 at Fall for Fairfax. Thankfully the stage was inside as the day was somewhat rainy.

As background, NVCWDA considered how to restructure our demonstration dance team and arrived at the following model.

  • The demonstration group should consist of three components:
    • line dancers,
    • couples dancers, and
    • performance dancers (like the original Steppers).
  • Main events should be limited to 4 to 6 per year.
  • Line dancers and couples dancers would perform CW dances that we do regularly at NVCWDA dances, which would require little regular practice sessions.
  • Performance dancers would do choreographed routines, which would require more intensive practice (like original Steppers).
  • Line and couples dancers would wear black jeans/slacks/skirts and NVCWDA t-shirts.The performance dancers would wear formal CW attire (like original Steppers).
  • Main events would be in Northern VA to audiences in the 45 and older age group with the goal of bringing more people to our dances and joining NVCWDA.
  • Music would be mostly CW genre.

Zerdens "Retire"

After 22 years, Mal and Linda Zerden have decided to end the monthly Country/Swing dances they hosted first at The Dance Factory and later at Crown Dance Studio. The attendance was not large enough lately to continue the dance. Mal and Linda have always supported NVCWDA and now that their schedule is a little less hectic, we hope to see them at some of our dances.

Line Dance Workshop

We had a good turnout (35 people) for our first line dance workshop on Saturday September 30 at Galilee United Methodist Church in Sterling. Big thanks to Ali and Paula and Bernie and Lydia for instructing and to Bill and Eileen for working the door. The workshop ran from 3 until after 6 p.m. We had joint sessions for a while and then we broke into two groups, one to learn beginner dances and another to learn more advanced dances. Everyone regrouped at the end of the afternoon to learn a couple more simple dances. Each year NVCWDA raises funds for a local charity and this workshop was part of that effort.

The workshop covered:

  • Drinking Problem choreographed by Darren Bailey - stepsheet
  • 1159 choreographed by Rachel McEnaney - stepsheet
  • Little Red Book choreographed by Dee Musk - stepsheet
  • Strip It Down EZ choreographed by Dancin' Terry - stepsheet
  • Hootenanny choreographed by John Robinson - stepsheet
  • Blessed choreographed by Jackie Miranda - stepsheet
  • Gypsy Queen choreographed by Hazel Pace - stepsheet

Trial Memberships

We now are offering a 90-day complimentary membership that will allow you to enter NVCWDA dances at the member price ($10), a savings of $2 per dance. The trial membership is only for people who have not been a member of NVCWDA in the past. At the end of the 90 days, when you have an idea of what our dances are all about, we hope you will join NVCWDA. New people who join ($18 per year) get free admission to 1 dance.

Board of Directors for 2017-2018

The election for NVCWDA Board of Officers and Directors was held at the dance on May 20. All candidates except for President were elected by acclamation. After the election, NVCWDA President Eileen Scott appointed Gary Campbell to be President. The Board approved Gary in the position on June 3. Everyone was installed in office at the dance on June 3. We still need someone to fill the position of Special Events Director.

Thanks to Gary for volunteering. Gary is a long-time member of NVCWDA and attends the dances regularly. He has served on the Board many times before - in fact he has served as President in the past so he knows a lot about heading NVCWDA.

Thanks to Eileen for serving as President for the past year and to the Board Members who are going to serve another term.

The Board members serve one year terms from June to May. They get free admission to the regular dances. (Brief position descriptions are available here.)

OFFICERS (Elected by membership)
President:Gary Campbell
Vice-President:Wayne Herndon
Secretary:Nancy Vogelman
Treasurer:Bill Wong

DIRECTORS (Elected by membership)
Dance:Linda Bloyer
Communications:Lydia Vitale
Membership:Bernie Vitale
Planning:Bruce Wright
Special Events:[Volunteer needed]
At Large:Linda Buckle

Past President: Eileen Scott

Other Volunteers (Not elected)
Newsletter Editor:Lydia Vitale
Web/Facebook:Kerie Hitt
Membership Director Assistant:Eric Vondra

2017 Benefit Dance for Fisher House

The 2017 Benefit Dance for Fisher House on April 1 raised about $3500. As usual we had a ton of great food. Thanks to the Southern Maryland Boot Scooters who joined us for the evening and performed several line dances.

Fisher House is best known for a network of comfort homes where military and veterans' families can stay at no cost while a loved one is receiving treatment.

Minutes Posted

The minutes of the General Membership Meeting held November 16, 2013 are online.

County Classes

Fairfax County's Parktakes guide contains several C/W dance classes. Most of these classes are taught by NVCWDA dancers. Pre-registration is required. See the Parktakes Online for more information and to register.

The Arlington 55+ Program Guide also lists line dancing classes.

Broadcast Email

If you would like us to add your email address to the NVCWDA list for broadcast email alerts, please inform our membership director at membership [at] We use email to inform people about important news such as updates in schedules, changes in dance locations, and cancellations.

Help Your Board

Can you spare an hour or so to help NVCWDA at a dance by sitting at the entry desk? This would help free up the Board members on duty to be able to dance some of the time. You would hand out the ticket stubs. A Board member would be present at the table with you. If you are interested, please email us at info [at] and give us an idea of the date(s) when you would be available to assist or see one of the Board members at a dance. Or volunteer on the sign up sheet at a dance. For those of you who can't commit to being on the Board, this is a way you can contribute. Thanks.


We've taped a few of the NVCWDA lessons and performances a couple of years ago and the clips are available for download from MediaFire if you missed the lesson, or if you want a quick review.

February 5 dance - Advanced Beginner West Coast Swing taught by Scotty and Lynne Inman

December 4 dance -

November 20 dance -

September 18 dance - The videos are at The four videos are:

August 21 dance - Cliff and Donna Carlton taught intermediate waltz moves. Three short instructional videos are available for download at