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NVCWDA Newsletter

Link to current newsletter

We publish our newsletter quarterly. A typical newsletter contains:

  • Messages from the president and other board members
  • Information about special events
  • Other news
  • Names of new members
  • Membership application form

We are publishing the newsletter in electronic format only.

To supplement the newsletter, we will distribute the latest dance updates on our website, on our Facebook page, and via broadcast email.

How to view/print the newsletter

One method to view or print the newsletter is to use your web browser. Click on the issue and view the pages within your web browser. You also can print the file from your web browser. ("Print" usually is an option under the "File" menu.) Another way to view or print the newsletter is to download the PDF file to your computer and open the file with your favorite PDF-reader software. (You can download Adobe's popular PDF Reader for free.) Then use the PDF reader to view and print the file. Remember to "shrink" or "fit" the pages to your computer's margins before printing. Consider printing on both sides of a page to save paper.

How to submit material to the newsletter

We welcome input to the newsletter. Send your submissions (news, photos, stories, places you've danced) to