Stepsheet Collection

The following dances have been taught by NVCWDA at some point or another. LD = Line Dance.

1,2 & Then ? Waltz couples
5,6,7,8 LD
After Midnight LD
All About That Bass LD
American Kids LD
Annie’s Cha Cha couples
Another Song LD
Applejack LD
Are You Ready To Roll LD
Aw Naw LD
Baby Doll Waltz LD
Back in Time LD
Barn Dance Mixer
Barroom Romeo LD
Beach Boogie LD
Bicycle Waltz LD
Blue Night Cha LD
Blue Night Cha couples
Blue Rose couples
Boogie Woogie Rhythm LD
Boots Over Head LD
Bop the Bs couples/LD
Bosa Nova LD
Boys ‘Round Here LD
Butterfly Waltz LD
Cabo San Lucas LD
Canadian Stomp LD
Cha Cha
Charleston Bump couples
Cheap Talk LD
Chiquita couples
Chocolate City Hustle
Chomping at the Bit LD
Circle Twenty
Come Dance With Me LD
Copperhead Road LD
Cotton Eyed Joe LD/couples
Country As a Boy Can Be LD
Country Two Step LD
Cowboy Up LD
Crazy Foot Mambo LD
Creepin’ LD
Cruisin’ for couples
Cruisin’ LD
Cry Cry Cry LD
Denny Walk couples
Desperado Wrap
Dizzy LD
Do You Wanna Dance LD
Down and Dirty LD
Dream Lover LD
Easy Come Easy Go LD
El Paso Moves
El Paso Stroll couples
Fall in Love LD
Fallsview Rock LD
Fancy Like
Fishin’ LD
Foot Boogie LD
Footloose LD
Forever Green LD
Four Star Boogie LD
Fun for All LD
Funky Cha Cha LD
Goodnight Kiss LD
Got to be Funky LD
Handyman LD
Hideaway Cha LD
Hillbilly Bone LD
Homegrown LD
Honey Bee LD
Hooked on Country LD
Hotdog Boogie LD
I Need to Know LD
I’m Alive LD
Inspiration LD
Irish Stew LD
Jingle LD
Jordin’s Step LD
Jose Cuervo LD
Just Add Moonlight LD
Kalimba LD
Key Lime LD
Key Lime Pie for Two couples
Knee Deep LD
Kokomo LD
Lay Low LD
Like It Rough LD
Little Mockingbird Cha LD
Little Red Book LD
Long Long Way couples
Love, JoAnn LD
Lover Please Come Back couples
Lover Please Come Back LD
Magic Moon LD
Magic Moon partner
Make Me Wanna LD
Mambo Shuffle LD
Mamita LD
McGraw Stroll couples
Metamorphosized LD
Midnight Waltz LD
Montgomery Cha Cha couples
Move LD
My Tshirt EZ LD
Need You Now LD
Palomino Stroll
Pick Me Up LD
Pontoon LD
Raise Them Up High LD
Red Hot Salsa LD
Red Hot Salsa Partner
Red Solo Cup LD
Redneck Angel LD
Rio de Amor LD
Roller Coaster Ride LD
Rumba Stroll couples
Samba LD
San Antonio Stroll couples
Santa Fe Stroll couples
Schottische couples
Shake It For Me LD
Shotgun Jenny LD
Showstopper LD
Sidekick couples
Six Pack Summer couples
Sixteen Step
Ski Bumpus
Skip the Line LD
Slapping Leather LD
Slow Rain couples
So Just Dance Dance Dance LD
So Wake Me Up LD
Stealing the Best LD
Straight to Memphis LD
Stuck Like Glue LD
Such a Fool LD
Swamp Thing LD
Sweetheart Schottishe
Swing Switch Mixer
Tell the World LD
Tennessee Waltz Surprise LD
Teton Mountain Stomp couples
The Bomp LD
The Gilley LD
The Matador LD
The Shadow couples
The Shaggers Tush Push
The Sway
The Wanderer couples
True Blue LD
Two Step couples (11/07/2015)
Two Step couples (11/21/2015)
Two Step LD
Wade in the Water LD
Wagon Wheel Rock LD
Waltz Across Texas LD
Wooden Nickel couples
Zatchu LD