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Give your name, organization, phone number, and requested date/time for your performance, and the Team Coordinator will contact you to make arrangements. Since the dance teams are part of NVCWDA, a not-for-profit Association, we do not require a fee for our performances. However, honorariums to help offset Team expenses are appreciated.

Want to be a Dance Team Member?

Dance Team members should have a general understanding of the basics of country-western dance steps. We hope that team members are familiar with the fundamentals of line dancing and pattern dancing. The specific routines can be learned during practice or by watching videos. The Line Dance Team practices during NVCWDA dances and at line dance classes. The Couples Team practices before NVCWDA dances. Few formal practices are needed. Anyone wishing to join a team should send email to

NVCWDA Dance Team


The Country Steppers were the official demonstration team of NVCWDA for almost 30 years. They temporarily disbanded as of late 2015.

NVCWDA revamped its demonstration dance team in 2016. The team now consists of two components: line dancers and couples dancers. Our Line Dance Team formed in spring 2016 and began performing in June 2016. The Line Dance Team consists of approximately 20 members of the NVCWDA. Our Couples Dance Team formed in early 2017 and began performing in June 2017.

Like the Steppers, the new dance team takes country-western dance into the community by demonstrating aspects of country-western dance and by teaching the dance basics. Team members enjoy working together to improve their dancing skills and involving others in this enjoyable, challenging hobby.

Couples team

NVCWDA Couples Dance Team at Paul Springs Village 2017.

LD team

NVCWDA Line Dance Team at Celebrate Fairfax 2016.

Performances usually are scheduled for weekends. Performances can include public events such as county fairs, Christmas on the Ellipse, nursing homes, schools, charity events, private parties, civic associations, and commercial gatherings.

The Line Dance Team will provide its own music and amplifier system if necessary. The group prefers to dance on wood or tile floors, but may be able to accommodate other surfaces. To best demonstrate country-western dance, we need sufficient space to hold up to approximately 20 dancers, at least 20 ft by 20 ft. If you have unique space or floor limitations (grass, concrete, blacktop, etc), please let us know when you schedule a performance and we will plan accordingly.


Line Dance Team at Vinson Hall, McLean, VA, July 8, 2017

Line Dance Team at Celebrate Fairfax, Fairfax, VA, June 10, 2017

Line Dance Team at NBC4 Health & Fitness Expo, Washington, DC, January 8, 2017

Line Dance Team at The Hermitage, Alexandria, VA, September 10, 2016

Line Dance Team at 4H Fair, Frying Pan Park, VA, August 6, 2016

Line Dance Team at Celebrate Fairfax, Fairfax,VA, June 11, 2016

Upcoming Performances

The calendar shows the schedule for NVCWDA's Dance Team. The debut performance of the Couples Team is June 25 at Paul Springs Retirement Village in Alexandria.