• Country Line Dancers

    Line Dancing

    We dance the most recent popular line dances, and many of the oldies.
    We have dance lessons and reviews at each of our events.

    Dance with us!

  • Couple Country Dancing

    Couples Dancing

    We do and teach couples dances including two-step, swing, and pattern dances such as  Wooden Nickel, Schottische, Sidekick, Blue Rose, and many others.

    No Partner Needed

  • Couples Dancing Lesson

    Dance Lessons

    We teach a recent popular line dance (Crispy Chicken, Shivers, Some Kind of Wonderful) and a couples dance (2-step, swing and pattern) at each of our dances.

    Next Lessons

Join the Fun, Come Dance with Us!

Our goal is to have fun!

Dancing is healthy and it’s a good occasion to meet friends and make new friends.  We hold social dances on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month.  At each dance, we teach a line dance and a couples dance, and review past lessons.

Singles, couples and families are welcome!

We Love Beginners!  And we promise we’ll pay special attention and help you learn so you can enjoy your evening!

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