Come Together

We miss seeing everyone at our Saturday dances. Under normal circumstances, we would have installed a new board of directors tonight at our June 6th dance. However, due to the pandemic, we never held an election for a new board, which usually occurs in May. Current board members have an informal agreement to continue in the background as needed while NVCWDA is in hibernation during the shutdown.

Here’s an excerpt of a note President Kat Fanelli posted on Facebook a few days ago:

I know in these trying times it is hard to be away from people, places, and activities that made up our lives.

We are all striving to get back to these things and it is harder as we realize that for now the way we do all these things must be different.  

Following the lead of other organizations and events, we at NVCWDA have cancelled our dances, demos, and events through the end of 2020. 

Although many activities and places are cautiously resuming, physical activities have an additional level of risk and concern that we must remain aware and concerned about. 

The distancing rules should be increased, remaining in constantly recirculating “indoor air” is a concern and wearing and breathing through face coverings are more of a challenge and discomfort during physical activities. 

Any activities including our dancing that can be done outside are made safer by just being outside. 

During this time when we must all be apart in so many ways, let us all find the ways we can come together.

Please stay safe, stay strong and we must find the ways we can stay connected. 

In the upcoming days I will be adding links to our Facebook page to connect you with online activities and resources.

Please use these resources safely and remember to distance as much as possible if you are going to dance in SMALL groups of others.