First dance of 2023 was a blast!

We had a fantastic time at our first dance of 2023 this past Saturday. The room was packed, with about 60 people, and it was great to see some we hadn’t seen for a while. I hadn’t seen my friends Jim and Cindy on a dance floor for a long time. And we had many new people.  I guess New Year resolutions might have played a role…

Linda did a great job teaching the Wooden Nickel. I did an okay job at teaching Good Time, and needed Steve to bail me out as I was teaching a sequence wrong. Well, people got it, and that’s the main thing. I really like this dance, and had fun teaching it.

DJ Minime did a great job as usual, and even joined us to dance Zydeco Lady on the song Burn It To The Ground that’s much faster than the original Eddie Raven song.

We also gained 7 new association members. I hope to see them again soon.

What I liked most is that 4 young people in their early 20’s came, total beginners, and had a really good time. Marie-Luce and Beth were great at guiding them through the dances.  It’s really nice to see young people interested in country dancing. We don’t have enough!! I hope we see them again.

Next dance: Jan 21st, 2023.