In Memoriam: Skip Hayes

Warren “Skip” Douglas Hayes, Jr passed away February 6, 2020.

Skip was one of the founders of NVCWDA, and he helped organize the first meeting held to form the Association by setting up a location at the Elks Lodge.

He danced on NVCWDA’s original team, The Country Steppers, which was first known as the NVCWDA Dance Troupe. 

Skip was a long-time regular at the Association dances.

Living in Florida at the time of his death, he is survived by his wife Barbara. Barbara was also a member of NVCWDA. Skip met Barbara while dancing at the S&W Cafeteria. They had a country-western wedding. Knowing she was blind, people were always amazed she could dance so well. Skip’s reply to them was that it was her eyes that didn’t work, not her feet.

Here is the full obituary.

Skip and Barbara