Recap of NVCWDA’s Dance Demo at Haydon ES

Kat Fanelli reflects on NVCWDA’s dance demonstration at Haydon Elementary School in Manassas on March 19:

Oh, we always have fun at our dance demonstrations!

A lot of people attended the event at Haydon Elementary, lots of kids!

Kids were really running around…if I had to do it again, I would do more teaching and fewer demos. I think our purpose there was to be an activity for the kids. As it was, we dropped a couples dance from our program. They enjoyed the energy of some of our music, but started running through the dancers on the floor. Went on to teach and they enjoyed burning off energy on the Cotton Eyed Joe. 

I will say the lady in charge and other staff were super nice!

Rain traveling there and flooded roads were an issue, and bringing in my equipment in heavy rain was not fun! Folks there helped with that!

Whew….glad it’s over! 

Thanks, as always, go to Pete for keeping us up on the details and setting up these gigs!

And thank you Dancers for coming out in the horrible weather and dealing with the changes in our program.

That night we were truly a team!!!