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General hint: the best website for line dance stepsheets is Copperknob. It is now the first destination for stepsheets, and they have videos (both demo and teach) attached to most dances.

The videos provided are, when possible, those by the choreographers, and if not available, videos by Jenny of the LineDanceDallas YouTube channels, otherwise a video that we think is the best overall.

Line dance lesson: Heave Away | Stepsheet
Choreo. Rob Fowler | 4 walls, 32 counts, beginner level.
Song: Heave Away – The Fables
Line dance lesson: Champagne Promise | Stepsheet
Choreo. Tina Argyle | 4 walls, 32 counts, beginner level.
Song: Champagne Promise – David Nail
Couples dance lesson: Celtic Cross | Stepsheet
Choreo. Dan Testa
Song: Irish Stew – Shamrock
Line dance lesson: Draggin’ your Boots | Stepsheet
Choreo. Kevin and Meléna Richards
4 walls, 32 counts, beginner level.

Song: Stop Draggin’ Your Boots – Danielle Bradbery
Couples dance lesson: Country Two-Step
Line dance lesson: Daisy Dukes and Cowboy Boots | Stepsheet
Choreo. Danielle Schill | 32 counts, improver level.
Song: Daisy Dukes and Cowboy Boots by Cowboy Troy and Big & Rich.
Couples dance lesson: East Coast Swing
Line dance lesson: Crispy Chicken | Stepsheet
Choreo: Brandon Zahorsky | 32 counts, improver level.
Song: Praise The Lord by Breland.
Pattern dance lesson: Schottische

Dances recently taught

Line DancesCouples/Partner Dances
Heave Away | stepsheet | video Celtic Cross | stepsheet | video
Champagne Promise | stepsheet | video Country 2-Step | video
Draggin’ Your Boots | stepsheet | video East Coast Swing | video
Daisy Dukes and Cowboy Boots | stepsheet | video Schottische | stepsheet | video
Crispy Chicken | stepsheet | videoWooden Nickel | stepsheet | video
Southern Soul Bounce | stepsheetvideoCharleston Bump | stepsheet | video
Good Time | stepsheetvideoMcGraw Stroll | stepsheet | video
Stretchy Pants | stepsheet | videoEl Paso | stepsheet | video
L-O-V-E 2022 | stepsheet| videoSidekick | stepsheet | video
Wave on Wave | stepsheet | videoThe Shadow | stepsheet | video
Broke | stepsheet | videoBlue Rose stepsheet | video
Chattahoochee | stepsheet | videoEl Paso Stroll | video
Always Humble | stepsheet | video16-Step
When You Smile | stepsheet | videoLover Please Come Back | video
After the Rain | stepsheet | videoSan Antonio Stroll
Shotgun Jenny | stepsheet | videoSix Pack Summer
Rocket to the Sun | stepsheet | videoThe Wanderer
Easy Tonight | stepsheet | videoDenny Walk
Daisy Dukes and Cowboy Boots | stepsheet | video
Smooth Like the Summer | stepsheet | video
Slappin’ Leather | stepsheet | video
Some Kind of Wonderful | stepsheet | video
Before I Knew It | stepsheet | video
Big Dreams and Faded Jeans | stepsheet | video
I’m On My Way | stepsheet | video
Crank It Up | stepsheet | video
Turn Me Loose Two | stepsheet | video
AA | stepsheet | video
Give Me Shivers | stepsheet | video
Ski Bumpus
Fancy Like
Like It Rough
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