Stepsheets and Videos

General hint: the best website for line dance stepsheets is Copperknob. It is now the first destination for stepsheets, and they have videos (both demo and teach) attached to most dances.

The videos provided are, when possible, those by the choreographers, and if not available, videos by Jenny of the LineDanceDallas YouTube channels, otherwise a video that we think is the best overall.

Dances recently taught

Line Dances

Couples/Partner Dances

Scootin’ Bootin’ | Stepsheet
Choreography: Mark Paulino.
4 walls, 32 counts, improver level.
Song: Cowboy’s Sweetheart – LeAnn Rimes

Schottische | Stepsheet

Sorry, no video for Beach Cowboy.

Beach Cowboy | Stepsheet
Choreography: Cathy Snow.
4 walls, 32 counts, improver level.
Song: Beach Cowboy – Brian Kelley

East Coast Swing

Stealing the Best | Stepsheet
Choreography: Rosie Multari.
4 walls, 32 counts, beginner level.
Song: Dance Above the Rainbow – Ronan Hardiman


Tennessee Waltz
Tennessee Waltz | Stepsheet McGraw Stroll | Stepsheet
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